Case Study


A luxury property rental company had over 50 properties & over 150 staff to manage in multiple countries. Directors needed to ensure all aspects of company standards were regularly assessed and any non-compliant issues were highlighted and resolved.


We deployed an online form to enable managers to complete spot checks on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Easy for managers to complete checks.
  • Easy for managers to see what checks have or have not been completed.
  • Managers alerted to any issues highlighted by checks.
  • Automatic standards reports generated for managers & directors.
Staff complete checks using smart device
Data securely captured in the cloud
Automatic notifications & alerts sent to managers
Automatic reports generated
  • Standards Checks
  • Cleanliness Checks
  • Uniform/Dress Code Checks
  • Quick & simple to deploy
  • Easy for staff to complete
  • Managers can see status of checks
  • Ensure your company standards are maintained